Brandon Fuller

Graphic Designer

While attending University of Northern Colorado, pursuing a degree in Sports and Exercise Science, I started an in-home personal training business, Sky Fitness. While running Sky Fitness, I taught myself how to develop a brand and create culture around my idea. I didn't have tons of money to spend on this idea, so everything I made I taught myself to do. I spent any free time I had learning the ins-and-outs of logo design, researching places to get t-shirts printed, and reading books on how to best position yourself online. This eventually led to my brand looking much larger than it actually was. Fast forward a couple of years, my aunt reached out to me and asked if I could create a logo for her newly formed construction company. In some ways, this was the start of Tripass Design. I found my passion. I loved the creative process in building her brand, and decided to look for ways to pursue building brands as a business.

Brandon's WorkBrandon's Work
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