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West Valley Business Exchanges prides itself on helping local business owners and professionals create lasting business relationships through warm referrals. Each member represents a unique market, that often times overlaps into other industry needs. This provides a opportunity for a common market focus, allowing us to help drive business to other members of the group.

Spotlight Happy hour event at Oasis Bagels in Estrella.
Headshot of Jen Lampe, founder of WVBE.

Meet Jennifer Lampe

WVBE Founder

I started this group last September after moving to Arizona from California. I’m a native of AZ but spent the last 4 years in the Bay Area. When I moved there originally, I was a very small fish in a HUGE pond when it came to mortgage lending. It was overwhelming and quite discouraging at first. I realized that the greatest way for me to build my business in an atmosphere like this was one step at a time. I met a real estate agent who ran a networking group and the lender seat had recently come available. I have to admit, I was nervous about speaking in public and quite fearful of the idea of presenting. I knew I had to start somewhere so I accepted the invitation. It didn’t take long before I realized that building a successful, long-term business would come one relationship at a time.

When I moved back to Arizona, I knew that the momentum that I created I did not want to lose. I searched for a group similar in value and significance that I had in CA but couldn’t find anything in the West Valley that I felt achieved both qualities. I decided to capture a few of my most trusted colleagues and start West Valley Business Exchange. We’re a new group in the area but already deep, trusted relationships are being built and businesses are thriving.

Our Mission

West Valley Business Exchange is dedicated to supporting our members by increasing business through warm referrals that enables them to develop meaningful business relationships.

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